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State Museum of Prehistory


The State Museum of Saxony-Anhalt in Halle is known throughout the world as the home of the Nebra Sky Disc, but even without this spectacular find the museum would be outstanding. It is a part of the archaeological conservation service in Saxony-Anhalt and hosts one of the oldest, most extensive and most important archaeological collections in Germany.

"War - decoding its archaeological traces"

NOVEMBER 6 2015 - MAY 22 2016

The archaeological exploration of the phenomenon of "war" has made tremendous progress over the last 20 years: Battlefields and fortifications have been unearthed, mass graves salvaged, countless skeletons with traces of injuries examined, weapons and pictorial representations as well as historical texts analysed - with fundamental gains in knowledge.

With the help of eye-catching objects from over 60 European museums and collections the State Museum of Prehistory now, for the first time, displays on 1,000 m² the most important aspects of this research in the frame of a special exhibition.

Website of the special exhibition

An Archaeological Treasure Chamber

Get to know the State Museum for Prehistory in Halle, one of the most respected archaeological institutions in Central Europe and one of Germany’s oldest, largest and most important archaeological collections, in all its facets and have a look behind its scenes. To start the film, please click on the picture.
(Length: ca. 13 min.)


Nebra Ark Visitors' Centre

' Himmelswege' the tourist route in Saxony Anhalt


State Museum of Prehistory
Richard-Wagner-Str. 9
06114 Halle /Saale
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Museum access for handicapped visitors

All areas of the museum are fully accessible for handicapped visitors. Our museum is entirely barrier-free. The side entrance of the museum in the Richard-Wagner-Strasse 9 is accessible for visitors with limited mobility. Two handicapped parking spaces are available behind the museum in the Mozartstraße, on both sides of the gate.

Information on special museum education programmes can be found here.