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Making of

The preparations for the exhibition "Elefantenreich - Eine Fossilwelt in Europa" [Ancient Elephants - A fossil world in Europe] in the State Museum of Prehistory already run for some time. Finds are restored and brought from the collection into the museum, the flyers are printed and the construction of the showcases has begun.

We always perceive the preparation of an exhibition as a highly exciting time and would very much like you to participate therein.



Brought back to life…

Hans Döhle, archaeozoologist at the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology, and Karol Schauer, one of the creative minds behind the exhibition, have one thing in common: they like to do puzzles. Preferably three-dimensional and with old bones.



Karol Schauer begins with the detailed work (Photo: Copyright LDA / Juraj Lipták).

They have many opportunities for this in the preparation of the exhibition "Elefantenreich" [Ancient Elephants].
Juraj Lipták has caught several moments of their work. Highly concentrated, the bones of the Dama dama geiselana were laid out which is no easy matter considering the sequence of the individual vertebrae.


Modern comparative material facilitates some of the correlations (Photo: Copyright LDA / Juraj Lipták).

Dama dama geiselana, a large fallow deer, was described on the basis of finds from Neumark-Nord (Geisel valley). Also in the exhibition will be shown one of the more than 140 discovered examples. The almost 200,000 year old bones will there be brought back to life.