For Teachers

The special offer for teachers!

In preparation of the museum visit to the special exhibition „Elefantenreich - Eine Fossilwelt in Europa“ [Ancient Elephants - A fossil world in Europe] (26.3.-3.10.2010) we offer teachers on the following dates free guided tours and a detailed introduction to the educational activities:

Saturday:    27.03.2010, 12 noon
Friday:        09.04.2010, 3 pm
Monday:     19.04.2010, 3 pm

Duration: ca. 2.5 hours
Admission: 7.00 € per person

Please register well in advance, as the number of participants is limited!


For SchiLF into the museum

We offer you the possibility to conduct your next in-service teacher training in the State Museum of Prehistory Halle. You can discuss with us in advance the desired topic. Please ask for our offers and suggestions!

By request we will assist you in designing school project weeks on individual topics and with specific learning objectives.