Museum and Zoo

The State Museum of Prehistory and the Mountain Zoo Halle have developed a joint programme especially for the special exhibition "Elefantenreich" [Ancient Elephants]:

The great adventure! - Excursion at dusk and camping in the museum

We shall meet at the museum and together make an evening tour through Halle's Mountain Zoo (Bergzoo Halle). Then it's back to the museum to explore the exhibition „Elefantenreich“. We pitch our tents and fortify ourselves with a hunter-gatherer meal. Before we retire we palaver at the campfire. At dawn we leave for home.

Dates:   16/17 April                  6 pm - 7.30 am
              07/08 May                  6 pm - 7.30 am
              11/12 June                 7 pm - 7.30 am
              16/17 July                  7 pm - 7.30 am
              27/28 August             6 pm - 7.30 am
              10/11 September       5 pm - 7.30 am
              01/02 October            4.30 pm - 7.30 am

Fee: 25.00 €, the number of participants is limited.
Age: 8 years and above

Please register at least 7 days before the event!


„Café Elephant“ for senior citizens

After a visit to the special exhibition „Elefantenreich“ [Ancient Elephants] you can fortify yourself in pleasant company in the museum café to collect strength for the following guided tour through the zoo. We ask for application in good time as capacity is limited. The event is only bookable as a comprehensive package.

Dates: 21 April, 16 June, 11 August, 15 September 2010 always from 2 pm

Duration: ca. 3.5 hours
Fee: 20.00 € (incl. coffee and cake)


Project day - „Elephants on the doorstep?!“

 This event  takes place in the State Museum of Prehistory and in Halle's Mountain Zoo. The contents are adjusted individually according to the age of the pupils and the educational goal. For pupils from grade 10 the event can be combined with behavioural studies.

Duration: always from 9 am to 1 pm
Fee: 5.00 €
Age: 6 years and above


„Elephant kingdom at night“ (Zoo Night!)

In the night from 4th to 5th September 2010 the State Museum of Prehistory and the Mountain Zoo Halle are open at one price. Tickets are available in advance at the respective institutions and at the evening box office.

Duration: 7 pm to 1 am
Fee: 10.00 € adults, 5.00 € children