School Classes

Past primeval worlds

In the course of evolution people and animals  adapted themselves to their habitats. Together we visit the special exhibition „Elefantenreich“ [Ancient Elephants]. In an ensuing museum talk we reinforce again the diversity and foreignness of the Neumark-Nord „treasure“ and discuss, why the fauna and flora found there belong to the most important sources of information on the Palaeolithic Age in Europe and what they reveal to us about evolution history.

Age: from grade 6
Duration: ca. 1.5 hours
Fee: 2.50 € without worksheet, 3.00 € with worksheet


Biology (Evolution)

Where does man come from? On the basis of replicas, models, and the exhibition section „Altsteinzeit“ [Old Stone Age] the human evolution will be vividly explained on a tour and a museum talk.

Duration: ca. 2-2.5 hours
Fee: 2.50 € without worksheet, 3.00 € with worksheet



Following a brief introduction to the subject, the pupils get the opportunity to fashion a leather bag in Stone Age style.

Age: from grade 5
Duration: ca. 3 hours
Fee: 4.00 € material + admission