Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich hier um Informationen zu einer Sonderausstellung handelt, die nicht mehr im Landesmuseum zu sehen ist!

War - decoding its archaeological traces

The archaeological exploration of the phenomenon of "war" has made tremendous progress over the last 20 years: Battlefields and fortifications have been unearthed, mass graves salvaged, countless skeletons with traces of injuries examined, weapons and pictorial representations as well as historical texts analysed - with fundamental gains in knowledge.

With the help of eye-catching objects from over 60 European museums and collections the State Museum of Prehistory now, for the first time, displays on 1,000 m2 the most important aspects of this research in the frame of a special exhibition.

Massengrab aus der Schlacht von Lützen
Work under way on the mass grave of Lützen. Photo: Juraj Lipták

Visually stunning and presenting the latest research results the part of the exhibition on "The Battle of Lützen" seems like a snapshot, plunging us from our peaceful Central European existence into another era. The question arises as to how distant the events of that time and the "phenomenon of war" respectively really are from us today. To approach this question, in the exhibition section "The origins of war" we go back to the roots of our civilization and set out on an archaeological search for clues, beginning with the hunter-gatherers and progressing right up to the warriors of the Bronze Age.