‘Statue Day' at the State Museum
For weeks now intensive work has been underway to install and illuminate the exhibits in the State Exhibition in their display cases. If they are loans, this is usually done in the presence of a curator from the institution that has lent the object. Now that the many large frescos have been mounted in position on the walls, the focus is on setting up the marble and bronze statues.



Cork Model of the ‘House of Menander'

A week before the opening of the State Exhibition, in the State Museum today the press was shown one of the central elements of the upcoming show: the cork model of the Casa del Menandro in Pompeii, stunning in the quality of its craftsmanship and the exactness of the details. Along with the contents of the house - preserved almost completely - in the exhibition it will vividly reveal the everyday life of the ancient city of Pompeii. The very demanding creation of the model was made possible by the generous assistance of the Volksbank Halle (Saale) eG.

You can find more information about it in our press release::



The Catalogue of the State Exhibition ‘Pompeii - Nola - Herculaneum. Disasters at Mount Vesuvius' has arrived at the State Museum. It can be purchased for €29.90 (Museum Edition) from 22.11.2011. You can buy it in the Museum or order it via:


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