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Architectural Research

Halle, Roter Turm (‘Red Tower'), North-west corner, remains of the baldachin of a statue niche
Halle, Roter Turm ('Red Tower'), North-west corner, remains of the baldachin of a statue niche, © LDA Sachsen-Anhalt (Photo: S. Meinel)
Halle, Roter Turm (‘Red Tower'), West side, inscription
Halle, Roter Turm ('Red Tower'), West side, inscription, © LDA Sachsen-Anhalt (Photo: S. Meinel)
Halle, Roter Turm (‘Red Tower'), mason's mark
Halle, Roter Turm ('Red Tower'), mason's mark, © LDA Sachsen-Anhalt (Photo: M. Dittwe)

In the Department for Historic Monuments and Works of Art, the sections for Architectural Research and for Restoration are closely linked. Together with the Conservation Officer responsible for each area, there is an intensive exchange of expertise, enhanced by the involvement of the Institut für Diagnostik und Konservierung an Denkmalen in Sachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt e. V. (IDK, Institute for Diagnosis and Conservation of Monuments in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt'). This way of working helps achieve the comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of a building from a range of different perspectives drawn from the disciplines of history of art and of architecture, general history, restoration and the natural sciences. 

Architectural research has been pursued at the Conservation Office for around seventy years. The staff of this section see their work as a research approach in architectural history that stands out for its combination of study of the building itself with a comprehensive evaluation of all available archival sources.

The principal tasks include:
Establishing the necessity, type and extent of investigations required (e.g. the amount of work that will need to be devoted to preserving the existing monument, surveying the building, mapping its building phases, or documenting demolition);

Setting out the tasks to be achieved in an investigation that will precede and parallel the building work by involving the section for Architectural Research in the planning process at an early stage; proposing suitable staff; coordinating the work and providing expert assistance throughout it; specialist evaluations;
Sample investigations of selected elements of the building;

Comprehensive study and presentation of archival sources, in order to establish the building's place in architectural and art history, and as preparation for statements of conservation goals and for publications;
Initiating, coordinating and providing expert guidance during exhaustive studies of various special topics, for example mediaeval towerhouses, timbered rooms (Bohlenstuben), urban or rural house construction;

Cooperation with universities and colleges and advanced courses of study in conservation and architectural research.

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