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Construction Engineering and Natural Sciences

Infrared Thermography
Setting up the instruments for active infrared thermography, to examine the mediaeval wall-painting in the church of St. Nikolai in Bad Schmiedeberg (Photo: J. Meinhardt-Degen, IDK).
Drill Resistance Measurement
Drill resistance measurement of stones in the convent-church of St. Servatius on the Schlossberg, Quedlinburg (Photo: J. Meinhardt-Degen, IDK).

During practical conservation work on buildings, it is often necessary to develop engineering solutions together with the owners and the architects and engineers involved. The State Office therefore offers a consultation service on historic building materials and technologies and advises on how to identify the construction of a building and any damage to it.

Where appropriate, it locates sources of specialist advice on particular problems in construction and building techniques. Where problems are more serious, the State Office itself takes a leading role in the process, in order to develop solutions that are compatible with conservation needs.

The State Office pursues research into local building materials, production techniques and building elements and it presents the findings in a practical, accessible way (for example, in relation to earth construction methods). Suitable approaches to repairing buildings are selected and presented as examples of good practice (e.g. the ceiling of the estate church in Harbke).

The State Office also takes an active role in formulating research projects about types of damage that are of special concern in conservation and ways of correcting them in construction.

Close cooperation with the Institut für Diagnostik und Konservierung an Denkmalen in Sachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt e. V. (IDK, Institute for Diagnosis and Conservation of Monuments in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt') is of great importance. The IDK is a facility of the States of Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. It provides preparation and guidance in natural science aspects of specialised repair work on objects of outstanding importance, as well as analyses of building materials and salinity, measurement of air humidity, and damp measurement using microwave technology.

In the face of the growing need to save energy and use renewable energy sources, the State Office is actively engaged in current developments in this field. Suitable strategies need to be developed to provide for ongoing use and maintenance of the historic buildings.

On all aspects of construction engineering, there is an intensive exchange of ideas in the Work-group for Construction Engineering in the Vereinigung der Landesdenkmalpfleger in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Association of State Conservation Staff in the Federal Republic of Germany).