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Jahresschrift für mitteldeutsche Vorgeschichte

In 1902 the first volume of the periodical entitled »Jahresschrift für die Vorgeschichte der sächsisch-thüringischen Länder« was published by the former Provinzialmuseum and the »Historische Kommission der Provinz Sachsen«. With volume 32 the periodical was renamed »Jahresschrift für mitteldeutsche Vorgeschichte« in 1940 and publication continued under this title until today. Current publisher is the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt (with State Museum of Prehistory) in Halle (Saale).

In order to make the abundance of published material manageable, an index volume was released already in 1954, a second one followed in 1998.

The »Jahresschrift« primarily serves as a means to present scientific results in the field of archaeology (Paleolithic to modern history) and is designed for an expert audience. The research, focusing on regional and cultural studies, is published in the form of studies, find and excavation reports, as well as obituaries for prehistorians of outstanding merit. Before 1990 the repertoire of the »Jahresschrift« also comprised congress contributions and commemorative publications. In recent times contributions from neighboring disciplines (e.g. anthropology, scientific research) were increasingly included within the periodical.

Since volume 55 (1971), book reviews are a regular part of the content.

The citation rules essentially follow the guidelines of the »Berichte der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission«, volume 71, 1990.

The drawing guidelines are designed to facilitate a standardised graphic documentation of finds.

To guarantee scientific quality, all articles have been subject to a peer review process since volume 95 (2016).

In addition to the print edition and with the support of Heidelberg University Library, all volumes of the »Jahresschrift für mitteldeutsche Vorgeschichte« are gradually going to be published under Open Access conditions on the portal Propylaeum.

Online publication: ISSN 2626-4234