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Jahresschrift für mitteldeutsche Vorgeschichte

Jahresschrift für mitteldeutsche Vorgeschichte

In 1902 the first volume of the periodical entitled »Jahresschrift für die Vorgeschichte der sächsisch-thüringischen Länder« was published by the former Provinzialmuseum and the »Historische Kommission der Provinz Sachsen«. With volume 32 the periodical was renamed »Jahresschrift für mitteldeutsche Vorgeschichte« in 1940 and publication continued under this title until today. The »Jahresschrift« primarily serves as a means to present scientific results in the field of archaeology and is designed for an expert audience. Learn more about the »Jahresschrift für mitteldeutsche Vorgeschichte« here.



Conference Proceedings of the State Museum of Prehistory Halle

Tagungen des Landesmuseums für Vorgeschichte Halle

In 2008, the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology launched the series of conference proceedings of the state museum. The reason for this was the conference »Luthers Lebenswelten«, which was held in Halle in 2007. The second volume of the conference proceedings, now within the framework of the Archaeological Conference of Central Germany, which the state office has been hosting annually since 2008, addressed the topic of battlefield archaeology. In response to the high percentage of international authors, many contributions of this series are published in English and include a summary in German. The most recently published conference proceedings of the 10th Archaeological Conference of Central Germany »Surplus without the State – Political Forms in Prehistory« represents an extensive volume featuring numerous articles by renowned scientist from a wide range of disciplines.